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Diplomstudentene arbeider store deler av sitt siste år med sin egen kolleksjon. Her velger de selv tema og målgruppe. Kolleksjonene presenteres for en jury fra bransjen samt en representant fra ESMOD Paris. Kommer man seg gejnnom nåløyet, mottar man, i tillegg til vitnemålet, det prestisjetunge ESMOD Diplomet. Juryen deler også ut priser for de beste arbeidene.

Vi gratulerer alle våre 14 avgangsstudenter med vel gjennomført eksamen og jury, og er stolte over å kunne sende alle 14 ut i motebransjen med ESMOD Diplomet i hånden!

Ina Øyen

"What does sound look like? Even if you can’t hear it, you feel it vibrate through your body, on your skin and underneath your fingertips. Your blood pulsates with the vibrations of the base. It can be abstract and physical, put in to scales and systems, made into art, and used as therapy or torture."

Ina Øyen mottok juryens pris og i tillegg mottok hun Gullnålen som er ESMOD's ærefulle pris til en student som gjennom studietiden har utmerket seg positivt både sosialt og faglig.

Josefine L. Aarstad

"My concept is based upon the theories of Freud, about conscious/unconscious mind levels and how our brain works. I have challenged this theory and accepted another mind level; the subconscious. This is where our brain shuts down and pushes the reality away from our focal awareness. Closing off, encapsulating and pushing away difficulties. Being naiv and pretending not to see."

Josefine L. Aarstad mottok juryens pris for beste modellisme, for sin kolleksjon.

Marianne Moen Vembre

"WE SLEEP The starting point for my collection was John Carpenters horror classic “They Live” (1988) When the main character finds some truth revealing sunglasses, he exposes an alien ruling class controlling the “sleeping” human race. The social commentary in the movie massively illustrates issues with the conformed society. Things are not what they seem. The truth can reveal itself thought your own awareness. I have used this as a concept for creating my collection."

Marianne Moen Vembre mottok juryens pris for beste design, for sin kolleksjon.

Maria Furdal

"What defines our perception of beauty? The golden ratio, the pattern of growth, phi. Mathematical forms is found everywhere. The shape of our galaxy, nature, the spiral of our own DNA. It defines us and subconsciously attracts our brain the most. Be aware, are we all a product of a human software? Your perception may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty. "

Maria Furdal mottok pris for godt utført sømarbeid og gode sømtekniske løsninger. Janome overrakte henne en symaskin.

Leyla Johansen

"My theme was born out of the disputes between Russia and Ukraine. I come from the former Soviet Union, and there was a time when there was peace between the people and friendship after the war. During the war, people were fighting for life and liberty. And what happened to the people now? My friends became enemies, they stopped talking because of the fact that the politicians can not accept a peace agreement. As a result I have worked with merging uniforms with poetic fluid shapes. Thru coarse stitches, damaged materials and asymmetry I want to show the pain, and injuries that people have experienced. I chose white because by using this color I want to show the freedom and purity of human relations. "

Leyla Johansen mottok Nils-Christian Ihlen-Hansens 25års jubileumspris. Leyla Johansen ble valgt ut for god bruk av ESMOD's metoder.

Julia Ødegaard

“My Little Neighborhood”, a collection for girls in the age 2 - 7 years. The collection is inspired by old houses, buildings, architecture and doll houses. You will find clothing for every occasion, from casual kindergarden clothes, to birthday and party dresses. The collection is colorful and playful, with a touch of glam and gold! "

Ina Nathalie Noraker

"I have a women collection inspired by gentrification. Gentrification is a trend in urban neighborhoods, which results in increased property values and the displacing of lower-income families and small businesses. This is a common and controversial topic in urban planning. It refers to shifts in an urban community lifestyle and an increasing share of wealthier residents and/or businesses and increasing property values. "

Caroline Bjerkan

"I am presenting a ready-to-wear collection for women. The inspiration behind the collection was gathered through research on autoimmune diseases, and how lives are led whilst battling an apparently illusive illness which cannot be seen by those around you. I wanted to make the invisible visible, and have focused on the contrasts between minimalistic and asymmetrical expressions through a variety of fabrics such as soft wool and fluid silk, decorated with hand embroideries and original prints."

Veronika Hong Berg Haugland

"My collection has been inspired by the Asian nature, where the men’s collection has been given a special feminine touch. My main focus has been on dying fabrics, using different techniques for this. This area of focus has contributed to making my collection unique."

Ju Le

"Ju’s Moden Samurai Autumn/Winter 2017 collection is Inspired by the samurai uniform. Black, white, grey, blue and red can be found in the designer’s collection. Multi-layered silhouettes, loose fit and fine tailoring Crafting one-of-a-kind pieces combined with a vision as well as understanding of fabrics."

Makka Abdurakhmanova

"Brutalism, Nomadism, Dramatism” is a high fashion oriented collection with strong identity and personal vision."

Hanh Hong Truong

"Based on my background in dressmaking it was natural for me to design a collection which has a classic, sophisticated and timeless made with luxurious fabrics.The collection is all about a stylish and quality conscious women."

Faiza Hammad

"We can only tell about past and present but future is like a blurred image. How can we explain future? Maybe by technology.Technology is the key to understanding future which leads me to trying new techniques and forms. I have focused on the brain of technology which is motherboard and collection is an interaction between human mind and computer mind."

Julie Slåtsveen Johansen

"One person, four emotions. Throuh my prosess I have been inspired by the flowing and shifting emotions in a persons mind. I have been focusing not only on the positive, but also the dark and anxious emotions, with a desire to educate and engage."